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Surgical Hair Transplant 

Scheduling a consultation is the first step when considering a hair transplant surgery. During this consultation, we can assess the extent and pattern of hair loss,  determining whether you are a good candidate and the number of grafts required for optimal results. Moreover, the consultation allows for a thorough discussion of realistic expectations, ensuring that clients understand the potential coverage, density, and overall aesthetic improvement achievable through the procedure.


We then will develop a personalized treatment plan based on individual characteristics, facial structure, and desired outcomes. A health assessment is conducted to further evaluate candidacy, considering factors like overall health, existing medical conditions, and medications.


The consultation also provides an opportunity to address concerns, discuss the cost estimate, and receive preoperative instructions. Meeting in person establishes trust and confidence, enabling you to make informed decisions about moving forward with the hair transplant. Overall, the consultation is a comprehensive process that ensures individuals are well-informed, comfortable, and committed to the journey of hair restoration.

Man with a full head of hair, after having a hair transplant.
Man who's hair is balding and thinning, pre hair transplant surgery.

Micro-Follicular Hair Transplant Surgery

A microfollicular hair transplant, also known as micrografting, is a refined technique used in hair transplantation to achieve natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results. This method involves the transplantation of small clusters of hair follicles, often referred to as micrografts or follicular units, which mimic the natural growth pattern of hair. Microfollicular transplantation is an evolution from earlier techniques and offers a more precise and sophisticated approach to hair restoration. This method is favored for its ability to create more natural-looking results. The smaller grafts allow for a more refined and seamless integration with existing hair, avoiding the appearance of a "pluggy" or unnatural hairline.

This surgery is considered a minimally invasive procedure. The smaller grafts mean smaller incisions at both the donor and recipient sites, which can contribute to faster healing and reduced scarring. Also, the micro-follicular technique allows for greater customization, enabling the surgeon to strategically place micrografts based on the patient's unique hairline, facial structure, and aesthetic preferences.

Post-procedure, patients receive detailed instructions for the care of both the donor and recipient areas. There is an initial healing period during which the transplanted hair may fall out before new growth begins. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor progress, with visible results typically appearing several months after the procedure.

As part of our commitment to your comfort and well-being, we'll provide lunch on the day of your procedure. Rest assured, we'll keep your contact person in the loop about your progress. After the procedure, we'll schedule a follow-up appointment for the next week. During this session, we'll offer a complimentary scalp and hair cleansing to enhance the healing process. Your satisfaction and convenience are important to us, and we're dedicated to ensuring your experience is as seamless as possible.

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