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Gender-Affirming Hair Restoration

Gender-affirming hair restoration services are sometimes sought by transgender individuals to alleviate gender dysphoria, enhance confidence, and align their physical appearance with their gender identity. A more gender-affirming hairstyle contributes to increased self-esteem, well-being, and a sense of authenticity. The decision to undergo hair restoration is often driven by personal expression, social and professional considerations, and the desire to complete the overall transition process. Additionally, addressing hair loss concerns, particularly those associated with hormone therapy, is a key aspect of these services. Recognizing the unique and diverse experiences within the transgender community is crucial, and we feel that providing gender-affirming services is a means of supporting individuals on their journey toward aligning their external presentation with their internal sense of self.

What we Offer

We proudly provide a comprehensive range of services designed to support individuals throughout their gender transition. Our experienced and compassionate team is dedicated to providing personalized care that aligns with each individual's unique needs and aspirations. We understand the importance of a holistic approach to transition, and our services are designed to contribute to a supportive and empowering journey.

Surgical Hair Transplant

A hair transplant can play a pivotal role in supporting individuals undergoing a gender transition. Beyond restoring hair lost due to hormone therapy, the procedure can play a crucial role in making the hairline more representative of an individual's gender identity. For many transgender individuals, the hairline is a significant aspect of facial appearance and can strongly influence how one's gender is perceived. A hair transplant allows for the customization of the hairline, helping individuals achieve a look that aligns with their affirmed gender. Whether it involves reshaping the frontal hairline for a more feminine, or masculine appearance - the procedure offers a personalized solution to address gender dysphoria and enhance the overall congruence between external appearance and internal identity. 

Scalp and Beard Micropigmen-tation

This non-invasive technique provides a customizable solution to address hair thinning or loss, aiding in the creation of a more masculine or feminine appearance as desired. Whether defining facial features with a well-crafted beard simulation or reshaping the hairline, micropigmentation allows for a tailored approach that aligns with individual gender identities and preferences.

Micropigmentation can create the illusion of a closely shaved or buzzed hairstyle, providing a more seamless look in cases where a traditional transplant may not be feasible.


Nano-blading can be particularly beneficial for individuals undergoing transition as it offers a versatile and non-permanent solution to eyebrow enhancement. This microblading technique allows for precise customization, enabling professionals to shape and define eyebrows in a way that aligns with facial feminization or masculinization. Whether camouflaging scars from facial surgeries, enhancing facial symmetry, or experimenting with different styles, nano-blading provides immediate and low-maintenance results. The semi-permanent nature of the procedure allows for flexibility in eyebrow appearance, catering to individuals exploring their gender expression.

Non-surgical Hair Prosthetic

Wearing a hair prosthetic can be highly beneficial for individuals seeking immediate and customizable solutions to enhance their gender-affirming appearance. Our prosthetics offer a swift remedy for achieving a fuller head of hair, providing a tangible boost to confidence and self-esteem. With a wide range of styles, lengths, and textures available, individuals can personalize their look to align with their affirmed gender identity, fostering a sense of authenticity. The flexibility in hair options allows for experimentation and adaptation to evolving preferences, catering to a range of comfort levels and aesthetic goals.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a valuable asset for transgender individuals during their transitioning process, offering an immediate and versatile solution to address a range of hair-related concerns. Providing instant length and volume, extensions enable individuals to experiment with different hairstyles, textures, and colors.  The versatility of extensions allows for the exploration of diverse aesthetic preferences, and for those experiencing hair thinning or loss, extensions serve as an effective camouflage, creating a fuller and more natural-looking hairstyle.

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