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CR Lab Hair Prosthetic

The CRLAB 3D Printed Hair Prosthetic is a nonsurgical hair loss solution from renowned Italian company CRLAB (Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories). The CNC is a medical grade prosthesis, which is completely customizable, and perfectly duplicates the look and feel of the client’s natural hair and is attached securely to the client’s scalp for up to 4-6 weeks at a time.

This is a fully customized product, where 3d technology, biomedical grade materials and craftsmanship come together as a perfect expression of 'Made In Italy'.

The new men's hair piece.

We are excited to announce that the Michelangelo System from CRLAB’s Simply Natural line
has arrived in Canada!!!

The systems are 100%
virgin human hair injected into a thin skin base. All of the quality of CRLAB hair in a base that
is made for the modern man (or woman!).

How it's Made

The creation process involves 39 steps. It begins with an exact reproduction of your head using 3D scanning, identifying the precise area where you need hair replacement.

The base of the prosthetic is then made from a dermatologically-tested biomedical-grade polymer resin membrane. We then manually graft real, individual virgin hairs onto it, ensuring it mimics the natural distribution, movement and thickness of your own hair.

Your prosthetic system will then be fitted to you (without having to shave off any of your underlying hair) using liquid or solid medical grade adhesives (certified by the American FDA – Food and Drug Administration).

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