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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Before and after of a client who has had scalp micro-pigmentation to make their hair appear thicker.

What is S.M.P.?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a process involving hair follicle replication and skin camouflage using pigmentation. Specialized pigments are embedded in the skin of the scalp or in scarred areas, using a variety of custom-designed micro needles. SMP is non-surgical and doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply as normal tattooing.

The pigment is delivered to the superficial dermis, a layer of skin between the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and subcutaneous tissues. However, SMP practitioners often place the pigment at varying depths to ensure the most natural appearance. This also ensures that the coloring will remain consistent and won’t “dot” over time. Unlike tattoo ink, SMP uses a custom blend of follicle and skin pigmentation that will retain its colour with only minor fading.

Precision is key – both in terms of correctly placing the pigment and in terms of matching hair colour and skin tone.

What can SMP do for me?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can offer you a transformative solution if you're dealing with hair thinning or loss. If you prefer a closely shaved or buzzed hairstyle, SMP can create the illusion of hair density.

Micropigmentation can be performed to thicken the appearance of your facial hair as well. This procedure can even out or fill in the hairline, as well as give the appearance of fullness. 

If you've undergone hair transplant surgery or have any visible scars on your scalp, SMP can camouflage and blend these scars seamlessly with your existing hair

Before and after of a client who has had scalp micro-pigmentation. They wear their hair shaved, this treatments has filled in the thinning and receding hairline.
before and after of a client who has had scalp micropigmentation. this treatment has made their thinning hair appear more full.

Who is the ideal candidate for SMP?

Ideal candidates for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) encompass a diverse range of individuals facing specific hair loss challenges. This procedure is well-suited for those experiencing pattern baldness, whether it be receding hairlines, thinning hair, or extensive loss on the crown. SMP is also an effective solution for individuals with conditions like alopecia areata or totalis, providing a remedy for patchy hair loss.

Those who have undergone hair transplant surgeries and have visible scars, as well as individuals with scalp scars resulting from accidents or injuries, can benefit from SMP to conceal and blend these imperfections seamlessly.

Additionally, SMP is suitable for those with beard thinning, offering a way to add density and achieve a more uniform look. For individuals seeking a closely shaved or buzzed hairstyle but lacking the necessary hair density, SMP provides an excellent alternative. Furthermore, SMP is a valuable option for those looking to enhance hair color, add dimension, and create the illusion of textured hair, on their scalp or face.

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