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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

We offer a variety of hair integration systems that use your natural hair blended with a lightweight “unit” to add fullness, length and volume to your thinning hair. This solution is not a wig, hair piece or hair extension, but is instead made from an ultra-fine, soft mesh that is shaped to fit you. We offer the following options:


Integration responds to the needs of the woman who is suffering from partial, moderate or total hair loss.

Addition to existing hair can cover fine, thin-looking hair. Add just enough volume to blend with your hair and allow the scalp to breathe. This is a flexible and non-invasive method to disguise your hair loss. There are a variety of ways to add hair to your scalp, based on the individual’s condition. It is can be just as effective for women with minimal hair loss as for women with more extensive loss.

This hair integration is designed to supplement hair in just the crown area. It is a good solution for early stages of diffused hair. Women who suffer advanced stages of hair loss will find that a hair system can be designed to recreate the frontal area while blending in unobtrusively with the hair immediately behind it.



The Comfort program is the ideal solution for a woman undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy or radiology and who wants to feel at her best during these difficult times. There are a variety of special massages and other treatments to promote a more rapid re-growth of your natural hair and ensure your utmost comfort. Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics has a wide range of wigs and head coverings to choose from, which include caps, hats and scarves.


Cesare Regazzi - CNC Human Hair Prosthesis

The CNC system, is a natural hair thickening system, it consists of producing a “second scalp”, a clone membrane personalized by each client’s needs and characteristics. Once the model has been produced, which highlights the morphology and the contours of the area that will be thickened on the client, an ‘epithesis” or clone membrane is produced. The base of the clone membrane is constituted by a special polymer resin that has been dermatologically tested and designed to provide comfort and stability. Natural human hair is selected from donors with high-grade hair and with similar hair characteristics to those of the client. The hair is sewn by hand, one by one, with precise distribution, inclination and direction of the client’s natural hair. Once completed, the clone membrane is integrated onto the scalp using a special medical adhesive.



Human hair wigs flow and move like your own hair, feel soft to the touch and provide the most natural appearance. They can be permed and coloured, and generally last longer than synthetic wigs. However, they do require more particular care. They will fade with prolonged sun exposure, and are the most costly. These are ideal for alopecia, temporary hair loss and for long hairstyles.

Synthetic wigs are made of modacrylic fibre and are nearly indistinguishable from human hair. Easy to clean and style, they are the most cost-efficient wigs available and the best kind for temporary hair loss. They’re also great as a fashion accessory.

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