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I am a female in my mid-fifties and have been suffering from Alopecia since my late teens. It was only in my early thirties that I started wearing hair. Throughout the years I have worn several different systems from different hair salons. Sadly I wore some very bad hair systems and have received some very poor service throughout those 25 plus years. Ten years ago I thought I had found the right hair system and the right salon. But sadly once again throughout those 10 years I was not always getting the quality of service or the quality of hair I was paying for and it started having a huge affect on my health and my wellbeing. Enough so that my husband strongly suggested I start looking elsewhere which was very difficult for me as I didn’t think I would ever be able to find someone who would provide good service and good quality hair after so many years of disappointments. It was only by chance I found “Ultra Hair Solutions” while searching online, from there I sent the owner Devera an email explaining my situation. Devera contacted me right away and it was by speaking with her over the phone that I felt her compassion and her understanding for people suffering from hair loss. I met with Devera several weeks later for my consultation. When I arrived for my appointment Devera was waiting for me, we were the only two people in the salon. It was a very private meeting between Devera and I with no interruptions, which was something that was very important to me. The salon is divided in individual rooms so all visits with Devera are private and everything is done in that same room. It was obvious that Devera was very knowledgeable in her field and was very professional. She reassured me that she deals with one client at a time and never leaves a client to attend the door or work on another client. Her salon reflects her integrity, as it is very inviting and cozy. My second visit with Devera was to pick up the two pieces I had ordered on my first visit and to have the two hairpieces cut. I am extremely happy with the quality of the hair. I have had compliments from people who know I wear hair on how the hair looks so real compared to the other pieces I was wearing. Devera is very efficient and works quickly; there is no waiting or being left unattended for long periods of time, which again was something that was so important to me. Devera offered to see me again the next morning of my appointment if I felt I needed adjustments, which I did. Devera was waiting for me and in no time I was all done and on my way. That meant so much to me and so appreciated. For out of town clients, Devera also offers her clients who are staying overnight a discount at the Prince George Hotel, which is just across the street from The Ultra Hair Solution. I have booked The Prince George twice now and only have but good things to say about the hotel and the service. I was even upgraded to an executive suite on my second visit, which also included full access to the executive lounge and free breakfast. I want to thank Devera for her compassion, kindness and professionalism and for taking me on as a client. I am extremely fortunate to have had the means to afford hair all these years as for me it was as receiving a second chance in life. However without people like Devera who devote their lives and career to help people with hair loss this would not be possible. So thank you Devera for having the passion to do what you do and for changing the lives of so many.


Devera is fabulous. Having Trichotillomania, I honestly didn't have the confidence to go see a hairdresser. I happened to stumble across Ultra Hair Solutions online and haven't had to worry about going to the hairdresser since. The first time I walked into Ultra Hair I knew I was in a safe space. Devera has such a passion for her work and it truly comes out when she talks to her clients. I always come out feeling more confident than I did when I walk in! Lauren is such a great addition to the team. She is so kind and talented. It's so great being able to get your hair, nails, and make-up done all in one stop! I'm so thankful I found Ultra Hair Solutions. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!


As a young woman, being diagnosed with alopecia was traumatic and seemed as though there was no solution – until I met Devera Graves. Her professionalism and kindness won me over. I never thought I would get back to the way I used to look, but I have – and the compliments are unbelievable! Thanks, Devera, for giving me back my life! Forever grateful.


Happy New Year!! First I want to say I am loving my hair! Why didn’t I do this sooner! You are right.  It’s life changing!!

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