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Instantly Achieve Fuller, Defined Brows with This Innovative Technique!

Microblading is a specialized technique that delivers semi-permanent results that blend formulated pigments naturally into your existing (or non-existent) brows! This innovative technique creates a 3D illusion of natural looking hair for up to 3 years.

Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, cover gaps, or refine over-tweezed eyebrows with an undetectable fringe!

This procedure is performed by using a hand method tool and multiple micro needles which create fine hair-like strokes. This technique differs from typical tattooing due to the pigment being deposited into the epidermis (top layer of skin) making it only semi-permanent, as opposed to a tattoo which reaches into the dermis, making it fully permanent. The strokes will appear and remain crisp, and will not become diffused by the deeper implantation from the vibration of the typical tattoo machine. Another difference would be the fact that we are able to numb the treated area with a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic.

Some clients may feel discomfort, however it is relatively painless and can be controlled.

The procedure itself takes approximately 2 hours, as it is a very cautious technique. The brows are mapped out based on which shape and style is best suited to fit your face.

There is next to no downtime, however minimal redness and some swelling may occur in the following few days post treatment. The natural healing process WILL occur. This is a custom built brow, and may take up to 3 touch up sessions to ensure the pigment is properly implanted in the skin to achieve the final desired brow look.

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