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Devera Graves

Devera Graves


Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics owner Devera Graves has grown up in the hair-replacement industry and has been involved for more than 35 years. She is a sought-after trainer for others in the surgical and non-surgical hair-replacement field. Devera is a very well-respected expert in the hair-replacement industry today, and her knowledge and passion have become true assets in the field.

She also volunteers for the Look Good Feel Better program and the Canadian Cancer Society’s The Lodge That Gives.

An Incredible Feeling

What is it like to have hair again – full hair, gorgeous hair that can accommodate almost any style, cut or colour? What is it like to be able to accentuate your best features with a head of hair that complements your looks?

Our clients say that feelings cannot be put into words. Our hair system has given them a sense of confidence, a renewed sense of self and a more positive outlook.

Do you not owe it to yourself to explore what a hair-enhancement system could mean to you?

Then contact Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics today. Our hair-replacement specialists in Halifax will explain exactly how it works and the steps we will take to solve your particular type of hair loss. Our consultations are confidential, private and obligation-free.

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