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Established in 2008, Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics was founded on the principle of  “Commitment”.  Not just to our clients, but to our employees, and to our community. We have been an active partner for over 35 years in the hair business in HRM, providing quality, without compromise, in the hair loss, and aesthetics industries.

We offer our clients, the industry’s very finest quality hair care products and services, making every effort to assist them with their hair and/or scalp health needs. Whether it is the day to day cuts, colours, intense trendy shades, or hair loss/scalp needs. We, Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics are committed to provide the very latest of innovation, technology, and processes,  to the benefit of our clients. We are supporters of continued education and of course ongoing training. We have purposely positioned our team to provide trend setting solutions and or alternatives in an industry that strives to demonstrate the very latest trends and fashions, in hairstyling, colouring, barbering, aesthetics, medical aesthetics, and hair loss industries.


Our mission at Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics, has always been to do our utmost to provide a professional experience, accompanied by a high quality of service and products for each client, providing clients with both the confidence and outcome they deserve. The vision was to have a location for “ALL”, whether a client wanted a basic haircut, hair care services, scalp treatments, aesthetic services, or suffers from a hair loss condition such as hair thinning, alopecia, trichotillomania, chemotherapy or male pattern baldness.

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Sticking to Our Roots:


Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics can complete surgical procedures to help correct your hair loss and thinning hair.Read More »


Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics is thrilled to offer the latest technology in hair replacement, unlike anything availableRead More »

Hair Integration Systems

Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics offers a variety of hair integration systems that use your natural hair blended with a lightweightRead More »

Scalp Micropigmentation

Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics offers state-of-the-art scalp micropigmentation, a new and effective way to hide hair lossRead More »

About us

Here at Ultra Hair Solutions & Esthetics, we are pleased to offer a wide range of surgical, non-surgical and different types of preventative options for all hair restoration needs. With a variety of hair systems, home care and the power of expertise you will finally be able to achieve the hair of your dreams – no matter the situation. We provide the option of adding hair through the use of different hair systems or by creating the illusion through “scalp micropigmentation”.

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